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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Provides measurements in accordance with Bluetooth RF Test Specification 1.1, 1.2, 2.1+EDR, 4.0 Low Energy.
  • Provides ability to act as a Bluetooth master, perform inquiry and establish a connection in Test mode or Normal mode
  • All tests default to Bluetooth SIG standard settings – user may change settings to match particular test requirements
  • Achieve fast and accurate test with integrated test sequencer


Achieve efficient and low cost testing of evolving Bluetooth devices and modules

N4010A wireless connectivity test set is a versatile multi-format one box test set designed for Bluetooth, WLAN a/b/g/n, and Zigbee applications. In today’s competitive wireless connectivity market, it provides you a cost effective solution for your Bluetooth test needs in a scalable test platform. Option 101 for Bluetooth covers your product lifecycle from development and integration through to production. It delivers accurate, standards-compliant measurement results to ensure design confidence in development and offers fast verification test in manufacturing to cost effectively validate your ability to produce your Bluetooth devices and modules.

Powerful software for R&D and production

  • Bluetooth audio analysis or handset profile support
  • Graphical measurement application (GMA) designed for development and integration
  • Wireless Test Manager for Bluetooth and WLAN automation designed for manufacturing

Basic Bluetooth configuration information is provided below. Refer to the Configuration Guide for more details.

Option Description Overview
101 Bluetooth Supports Bluetooth 1.1 and 1.2 test mode.8 of the 16 Bluetooth 1.2 RF test cases built-in with internal test sequencer to shorten test the development time. All tests default to the SIG standard settings, but can be modified to match specific test requirements.
107 Bluetooth EDR link plus measurements Supports Bluetooth 2.1+EDR normal and loopback test mode. 6 of the 8 EDR test cases built-in. EDR transmitter measurements include: relative transmit power, carrier frequency stability, modulation accuracy, differential phase encoding and guard interval. Receiver measurements include EDR sensitivity (impairments will be supported, free of charge, in a subsequent release), EDR BER floor performance and EDR maximum input level. If normal and loopback test mode not requested, order Option 106 for Bluetooth EDR transmitter-only analysis and Option 105 for Bluetooth EDR transmitter and receiver analysis through software driver.
109 Bluetooth low energy Tx/Rx Supports Bluetooth Low Energy (key feature in Bluetooth 4.0) non-signaling single-mode and dual-mode device and module test. BLE transmitter measurements include: output power, modulation characteristics, and carrier frequency offset and drift. BLE receiver measurements include: receiver sensitivity, maximum input signal level, and PER report integrity.
113  N4010A Bluetooth Headset Testing Video Bluetooth audio generation and analysis Supports built-in audio generation and analysis. Measurements over Bluetooth SCO link include: SINAD, distortion, frequency and level.
112  N4010A Bluetooth Headset Testing Video Headset profile Supports simplified audio test of Bluetooth headsets, cell-phones, and in-car consoles.

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