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53181A-001 Medium Stability Timebase with Oven and Electronic Calibration

Status do Produto: Descontinuado | Com Suporte
Este produto não se encontra disponível


Replacement Product: 53210A

Optional timebases improve stability and reduces errors due to changes in temperature or time as well as providing provide the convenience of electronic calibration. You can choose from three OCXO upgrades; option 001, 010 or 012 -- with monthly aging rates of 2 x 10-7, 1.5 x 10-8, and 3 x 10-9 respectively.

Option 001 is our most popular timebase option. It provides an order of magnitude better temperature stability and 33% better monthly aging rate than the standard timebase. Option 010 and 012 provide the best temperature stability 2.5 x 10-9, improved aging rates and better turn-on stability. Other instruments can be synchronized to the timebase signal, provided through a rear panel BNC.

With the frequency oscillator continuously powered, a couple timing errors can be avoided; retrace and shifts in the output frequency. Keysight´s 53100-Series remain in "standby mode" while plugged-in to prevent the oscillations that happen every time the OCXO power is cycled.

  • Temperature stability (referenced to 25°):<2 x 10-7
  • Aging rate
    Daily: <4 x 10-8
    Monthly: <2 x 10-7
  • Turn-on stability vs. time (in 30 minutes, referenced to 24 Hr): <2 x 10-7
  • Calibration: Electronic