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Passive Optical Network (PON) Test Solution

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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Sequence Editor to generate and control burst packages
  • CDR can handle data-burst mode
  • Exact burst timing control for e.g. TDMA
  • Controllable pre-amble state
  • Individual adjustable impairments on each TX channel
  • Gb/s Up to 32Gb/s downstream
  • True differential data generation and analysis (incl. LVDS)
  • Superior waveform and signal quality


Fully flexible and cost-effective test solution for PON transceivers

The expansion of passive optical networks (PON) leads to an increasing demand on components for FTTx and triggered the need for cost-effective testing.

PON Image

Exact timing of data burst is essential for standard compliant testing of OLTs and ONUs, e.g. to control the laser timing or the upstream broadcast with time division multiple access (TDMA) used by GPON, BPON, EPON and XGPON. Keysight’s J-BERT M8020A and M8030A Multi channel BERT are providing with its pattern sequencer an exact burst timing control for multiple channels.

J-BERT M8020A and M8030A Multi channel BERT in combination with Keysight’s Lightwave Multimeter System (LMS) 8163B/8164B or N77xx series and Digital Communication Analyzer (DCA-X) 81600D is a fully flexible test system configuration for electrical and optical testing. PnP drivers provided with these instruments allow an easy and comfortable programming of a wide range of measurements from optical power vs. BER to mask tests and jitter measurements.

The Application Note “Physical Layer Testing of Passive Optical Network (PON) Modules” describes PON testing with in detail. It is available for download in the library section.

Features Supported By J-BERT M8020A

PON Result

Further Information

  • M8030A Multi-channel BERT

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