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N5110B Baseband Studio for Waveform Capture and Playback

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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Capture digital IQ/IF signals up to 200/400 MSa/s
  • Play custom I/Q waveform files in digital IQ, analog IQ or RF test stimuli
  • Deep 2 GB memory (512 MSa) to generate long time record of unique test scenario
  • Easily control digital interface module to connect with your baseband subsystem
  • Connect with 89600 Series VSA software for on-line or post-processing of the captured data
  • Connect with E4438C ESG and E8267D PSG for up-converting signals to RF or microwave frequencies
  • Comprehensive user interface provides essential controls and operations in one place


Accelerate baseband design verification
N5110B Baseband Studio for waveform capture and playback software combines a set of powerful tools optimized for IQ waveforms with the speed and memory depth you need to verify your baseband modem design efficiently and effectively. The software enables you to easily capture real-time digital IQ signals directly from your device and save them to a file or send them to the 89600 Series vector signal analysis (VSA) software for performance evaluation. It also allows you to play back your custom or captured IQ waveforms to generate digital IQ, analog IQ, and RF test signals to test your radio at different stages in design using a common test stimulus.

Easily connect to Keysight design and analysis tools
Baseband Studio for waveform capture and playback software seamlessly connects with the N5101A Baseband Studio PCI card and the N5102A Baseband Studio digital signal interface module to perform digital capture and playback tasks. Connect with the E4438C ESG or E8267D PSG vector signal generator to playback  custom waveform files, from the N5101A PCI card memory (2 GB, N5101A Option 022) or a PC hard disk drive, and produce signals at RF or microwave frequencies. The waveform capture and playback software also has a built-in link to the powerful 89600 Series VSA software that allows you send a digitally captured waveform directly for performance analysis, without added distortion from the RF chain.

Typical Applications
You can use the Baseband Studio waveform capture and playback software to characterize, verify, and test your device at the digital plane. Playback a digital stimulus to test a device or subsystem such as baseband modem, MCPA (multicarrier power amplifier), ADC, DAC or digital-in-RF-out radio unit. You can also capture digital waveforms from your device and send them directly to the 89600 Series VSA software for performance analysis.