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83453B High Resolution Spectrometer

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The Keysight 83453B High-Resolution Spectrometer (HRS) provides spectral measurements over the 1440 to 1640 nm communication range. This revolutionary, high resolution spectrometer displays resolution hundreds of times better than conventional grating-based optical spectrum analyzers (OSA). Utilizing groundbreaking technology, the HRS allows measurements with sub-pico meter spectral resolution on tunable lasers, transmitters, and systems. Designers and researchers now have an integrated solution to find, measure, and improve the spectral characteristics of lasers and transmitters for the next generation DWDM networks.


  • Wavelength resolution 1 MHz (0.008pm)
  • High resolution spectral analysis in 1440nm to 1640nm at fast sweep rate
  • Large 52dB (>40dB spurious free) dynamic range
  • Very high wavelength accuracy (1.5pm/190MHz relative)
  • Very high power handling capability of +23dBm
  • Analysis features for line-width and integral total power measurement
  • Data export and API


  • Large dynamic range allows to identify weak spurious spectral features in vicinity of strong
  • The very high wavelength accuracy allows to precisely measure optical frequency and stability of closely spaced optical signals.
  • The high input power level allows you to characterize non-linear effects in RAMAN amplified systems.