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J6826A / J6827A J6826A and J6827A Eight-port Monitor Taps

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The J6826A Eight-port T1/E1 Balanced Monitor Tap and the J6827A E1 BNC Monitor Tap are designed to be used with the J6824A Eight-port E1/T1 LIM. The general functionality of both products is the same, the only difference being the connectoring supported. Two sets of interfaces on these Monitor Taps are designed to be inserted semi-permanently into multiple E1/T1 bi-directional links (up to 8) and to deliver –20 dB passive tap signals from both directions of each link. A typical application would be to use these devices for monitoring IMA groups bidirectionally.

  • For connection to the network being monitored:
    J6826A: Two directly inter-connected sets of eight 8-pin modular connectors wired as
    J6827A: Two directly connected sets of sixteen 75 Ohm BNC connectors
  • For connection between J6826A or J6827A Monitor Tap and the J6824A LIM, a set of eight 8-pin modular connectors (RJ-48C wired). Eight Tap to LIM cables also supplied.
  • Through connections are lossless, monitor taps are resistively connected to provide –20 dB signals for monitoring.
  • Can be used with RJ-45 wired network circuits but RJ-45 to RJ-48C conversion cables are required (not supplied)
  • Monitor Taps can be left connected semi-permanently without disrupting network traffic while the Network Analyzer is disconnected and moved to other locations (and other Monitor Taps)