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4142B Modular DC Source/Monitor

Status do Produto: Obsoleto | Veja opções de Serviço
Este produto não se encontra disponível


The 4142B was discontinued on July 1, 2003, and and it became obsolete on September 1, 2008.The E5260A 8-Slot High Speed Measurement Mainframe and the E5270B 8-Slot Precision Measurement Mainframe are code-compatible with the 4142B and they can replace the 4142B in most applications. A trade-in program is now in effect that allows you to trade-in your 4142B and receive a $3900 trade-in credit towards the purchase of an E5260A series or E5270B. Please contact your local Keysight sales representative for more information on this trade-in program.

Note: Discontinued means that the product is no longer sold, while obsolete means that the product is no longer supported. Keysight Technologies normally supports products for a minimum of 5 years after discontinuance.