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The  E6703C W-CDMA/HSDPA Lab Application outfits the incredibly successful E5515 (8960) wireless communications test set with a deep list of analysis features for RF, applications, mobility, and protocol (RAMP). Whether you design, integrate, debug, or validate wireless devices, the E6703C, with its breadth of RAMP capabilities, will help you deliver mobile devices that hit your market window.

R&D Managers – You will be pleasantly surprised by the number of engineers you can enable with a single instrument – from RF development all the way to signaling conformance.

RF Engineers – Get your receiver validated before the mobile protocol stack is complete with our non-signaling mode and validate your HS-DPCCH power verse time performance over many subframes with our dynamic power analysis measurement when coupled with our new flexible HSDPA trigger.

Baseband Engineers – Exercise your algorithms in-depth by putting all radio bearers we support into soft handover. Going further, automate regression tests and fade the cell channels with an external PC running our Wireless Test Manager and/or Baseband Studio for Fading software products.

Pre-conformance and Conformance Engineers – For TS34.121, there is a very large list of supported RF tests within the instrument that are kept current to the most recent revision of the standard, and for signaling conformance the same instrument can be used within Anite SAT/SAS systems for pre- and conformance test/approval.

Software Application Engineers – Quickly connect voice, packet data, circuit data, video, and SMS/MMS from your desk for software performance testing and use the included Wireless Protocol Advisor PC software for point-and-click simple analysis of mobile and cell protocol messaging from MAC to IP.

This Lab Application includes the E6584A Wireless Protocol Advisor software (single user license for W-CDMA). See E6584A