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N7622A-196 Internal BBG, up to 80 MHz Narrowband Corrections

Status do Produto: Obsoleto
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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Only commercial off-the-shelf solution for high fidelity wideband signal generation up to 80 MHz BW
  • Compatible with Keysight ESG and PSG signal generators
  • Reduce measurement uncertainty
  • Amplitude flatness of ± 0.1 dB across 80 MHz BW
  • Phase linearity ± 2° across 40 MHz BW
  • Image rejection of -55 dBc across 80 MHz BW
  • Simplify your test setup and save time with an easy-to-use PC-based graphical user interface


Add narrowband correction capability to Signal Studio toolkit
Selecting Option 196 for the N7622A Signal Studio toolkit enables narrowband (80 MHz BW) corrections to be applied to your custom I/Q waveforms for improved RF and microwave signal quality from your Keysight ESG or PSG signal generators. High fidelity, calibrated test signals are created using Keysight proprietary pre-distortion algorithms. The software uses the Keysight PSA Series spectrum analyzer to automatically measure the response of the signal path. This information is used to apply correction factors to the waveform to compensate for signal distortions, such as images, amplitude ripples, and phase deviations, across the modulation BW.

Typical applications
For designers of next generation multi-carrier power amplifiers (MCPAs), radar systems, and other wideband communications systems that have demanding spurious free dynamic range, amplitude flatness, phase linearity and EVM performance requirements, the corrections capability in Signal Studio toolkit provides a near ideal signal for evaluating your designs.