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N2605A ScopeData Pro Software

Status do Produto: Descontinuado | Com Suporte
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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Simplified User Interface via Expert Mode Setting
  • Prints professional-quality preformatted graphic test reports, complete with logos and data plots
  • Uploads copper and fiber test results from both WireScope and FrameScope 350
  • Limit Wizard function enables user to pre-configure and lock test settings for multiple WireScope / FrameScope 350 units to ensure consistency
  • Organizes cable tests by site, building, floor, wiring closet, etc., to simplify record navigation
  • Application can be freely distributed with test results to facilitate customer access to on-line test reports
  • Can be integrated with popular cable management software solutions


Better Reporting Needed

Until now, the standard output format for reports from field certification testers has been unformatted ASCII text. While this approach has been functional, many users find the text-based reports difficult to read and have requested a more compelling presentation of the test data. Cabling contractors have responded by importing test data into database and spreadsheet programs in order to print better-looking reports, adding an extra step that can add considerable time to the process of preparing project documentation.

Professional-Quality Printed Reports

ScopeData Pro addresses this need with professionally designed report formats incorporating logos, proportionally formatted text, circuit schematics and plots when plot data is available. The graphic format speeds comprehension of the otherwise potentially confusing volume of data contained in cable certification reports.

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Advanced Cable Plant Database

While printed test report output quality is important, many project managers prefer to handle test result data in electronic form. Built on scalable relational database technology, ScopeData Pro is the ideal system for organizing and analyzing electronic test results for large projects or sites.

PC-Based Setup Assures Consistency

One of the challenges faced in certifying cabling at large sites is assuring that all of the test sets used are configured consistently. This challenge is especially acute when non-standard testing requirements or limits are specified. The ScopeData Pro Limit Wizard function addresses this problem by allowing the user to define and save WireScope 350 settings to a locked profile that can be downloaded to multiple WireScope 350 units.

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Simplified Navigation of Test Data

The new data navigation architecture embodied in ScopeData Pro streamlines support for large sites or client accounts that span multiple sites. Test records can be arranged in a collapsible hierarchy, organized by site, building, floor, closet, etc. This format is completely flexible and can be defined to match the requirements of each client or site.

Test Viewer Drills In For Detail

The tabbed Test Viewer window presents detailed test report data. Each tab displays a different aspect of the test report, ranging from high level summary diagrams to detailed configurable data plots. All plots can be printed individually or as part of the overall autotest reports.

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WireScope 155 Support
Uploads test parameters supported by WireScope 155 via serial port. Can upgrade WireScope 155 software.

WireScope 350 Support
Uploads test parameters supported by WireScope 350 via serial port, USB port or by directly reading files from Compact Flash memory cards. Can upgrade WireScope 350 software.

Operating Systems Supported
A PC running Window 98 2nd edition or Windows 2000. ScopeData Pro will also run under Windows 95, Windows 98 1st edition or, Windows NT 4.0 (service pack 3 or higher) but USB communication is not supported.
System Requirements
70 MB of free hard disk space prior to installation