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The Keysight N6700 Modular Power System simplifies test-system assembly, cabling programming, debugging, and operation. It is ideal for ATE and production test environments, where it can supply bias power and stimulus to subassemblies and final products. The Keysight Modular Power System saves rack space. The N6700A 1.75-in high (1-EIA unit) mainframe can accommodate up to four dc power modules.

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  • Ideal for ATE systems in R&D, Design Validation, and Manufacturing
  • Small size: up to 4 outputs in 1 U of rack space
  • Flexible, modular system: Can mix and match power levels and performance levels to optimize investment
  • Performance modules for critical test requirements
  • Value modules for basic dc power requirements
  • Fast command processing times to improve throughput
  • Connect via GPIB, LAN, or USB
  • Outputs can be sequenced
  • Outputs can be connected in series or parallel
  • Options include output disconnect relays and High Speed Test Extensions
  • For complete information, follow the data sheet link