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N2600A Automated TIA-606-A Cable Identification Solution

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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Automatic labeling of structured wiring according to TIA-606-A
  • Direct printing to the Brady TLS2200 label printer on the installation site
  • Off-site printing to laser label sheets from ScopeData Pro software
  • Manage cable ID lists guided by the standards based labeling methodology with the Cable ID setup wizard.
  • Import label lists to the WireScope 350 and eliminate the error-prone manual entry of IDs


  • Automate the process of labeling structured wiring installations according to the guidelines of draft TIA-606-A with software version 2.1 or higher.
  • Test and Print Cable ID's from the WireScope 350 directly to the Brady TLS2200 printer or from ScopeData Pro directly to laser label sheets.
  • Create, store, edit, and print Cable ID lists using the Cable ID setup wizard which provides standards based guidance on the labeling methodology.
  • Import label lists to the WireScope 350 & eliminate the need for manual entry of IDs to save time & minimize the possibility of costly mistakes.
  • The WireScope 350 is the first and only cable analyzer capable of printing labels for patch panels, outlets and voice and data cable right at the installation site as the certification testing is being performed

Automation of Cable ID Management & Printing
Keysight Technologies introduces a major new capability to the cable certification market making the WireScope 350 the first cable analyzer able to generate labels for patch panels, outlets and cables.

Network installers and maintenance technicians responsible for moves, adds and changes or large installations in an IT environment may now simplify and automate the process of cable plant design and labeling.

Software Wizards Guide Labeling Methodology
The standards-based hierarchical structure of cable identifiers can be defined with the help of software "wizards" either on a PC using the Keysight ScopeData Pro Windows utility or on the WireScope 350 hand-held tester. Cable IDs can also be imported into the WireScope 350 from other cable plant design applications, such as AutoCAD. The imported or generated list of identifiers is stored in the WireScope, allowing the user to select cable IDs from the list instead of entering them by hand after every test, thereby saving time and eliminating human error.

Labeling the cabling and administering the cable certification is a big part of an installation job and there are several points in this process when costly mistakes can be made. Use the Cable ID setup wizard to define a list of cable ID's incorporate them into a database and download them into the WireScope 350.

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Create TIA-606-A Compatible Cable IDs
Follow the Cable ID Setup Wizard to create identifiers compatible with the emerging TIA standard for cable labeling, TIA-606-A, a new standard for infrastructure administration being developed by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). This new standard is a vast improvement over the existing TIA-606 document. It defines the structure of cable identifiers and the meaning of each field in the identifier.

TIA-606-A describes 4 classes of installations. Class 1 is the simplest single-closet system and class 4 is the most complicated multi-campus system. This classification of installations based on complexity makes TIA-606-A an easy to follow specification. It gives installers some much-needed guidance on how to label cabling.

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Print Labels Directly from the WireScope
WireScope 350 now supports printing of labels for outlets, voice and data cable labels, patch panels and punch-down blocks directly to a Brady TLS2200 handheld printer which allows installers to print cable labels right at the installation site as the certification testing is being performed. Brady TLS2200 Handheld Printer 

Click here to view image of the Brady TLS2200 Thermal Transfer Printer

Printing cable IDs from the WireScope 350 to the Brady TLS2200 printer

The ability of the WireScope 350 to automatically generate standards-based cable identifiers at the time of cable certification not only saves installers time, but ensures that the certified cable runs are automatically identified using standards-based cable IDs.

The WireScope automatically detects the type of labels loaded into the TLS2200 printer and adjusts the fonts for the best formatting of the label.

This new feature eliminates the need to enter the cable ID twice - once into a printer and once into a tester. For simple jobs, no set-up or planning are required - just test, enter the cable ID to save the test result and the label is printed automatically.

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Print Labels using ScopeData Pro
Cable ID's may be printed on laser compatible label sheets at the office using the ScopeData Windows utility prior to testing. WireScope supports printing to either Brady or IDEX label sheets.

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Here is the complete list of label manufacturer's supported by Keysight Technologies:


4 pair cable - Size in (mm): 1.00 x 1.5, Label Sheets: LAT-18-361, Rolls: PTL-31-427
Faceplate desi-strip insert - Size in (mm): 0.375 x 1.90, Label Sheets: LAT-177-124, Rolls: PTL-40-412
Faceplate / port label - Size in (mm): 0.375 x 0.50, LaLabel Sheetsbel: LAT-45-707, Rolls: PTL-44-422
Faceplate label - Size in (mm): 0.375 x 1.00, Label Sheets: LAT-8-707, Rolls: PTL-16-422
Faceplate label - Size in (mm): 0.375 x 1.50, Label Sheets: LAT-41-707, Rolls: PTL-45-422
Perforated faceplate / port labels - Size in (mm): 0.375 x 0.06, Label Sheets: N/A, Rolls: PTL-39-422 *


606 Prime Label Sheet (for patch panels, wall plates, closets & data racks) - Label Sheets: DC0200, Rolls: N/A
606 PrimePlus Sheet (for 110 blocks & cable ends) - Label Sheets: DC0300, Rolls: N/A

Download WireScope 350 software version 3.0.1 or higher