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89650S 26.5 GHz Vector Signal Analysis Bundle

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Principais recursos e especificações

Highest performance spectrum analysis

  • Up to 26.5 GHz frequency range with up to 80 MHz analysis bandwidth
  • -70 dBc dynamic range and up to -159 dBm/Hz sensitivity
  • Up to 134 MSa signal capture memory for extended playback and analysis
  • Includes all of the 89600 VSA software signal analysis capabilities (Options 200 & 300 included)


The 89650S wideband vector signal analysis bundle combines one of Keysight’s high performance PSA Series spectrum analyzers with the advanced signal analysis capabilities of the 89600 Series VSA software.

This convenient bundle provides exceptional analysis bandwidth, excellent accuracy, and the advanced demodulation and troubleshooting capabilities you need reach deeper into your signal.

High-performance spectrum analysis with the E4440A high-performance PSA spectrum analyzer

  • Meet your signal analysis frequency band needs with one of the three models available: E4443A for 6.7 GHz, E4445A for 13.2 GHz, or E4440A for 26.5 GHz
  • Leading-edge combination of flexibility, speed, accuracy, bandwidth, and dynamic range
  • Powerful one-button measurements and a versatile feature set
  • 80 MHz bandwidth ADC for the best combination of zero-span bandwidth and dynamic range
  • Capture and analyze 72 MHz wide satellite transponder signals, 18 MHz wide 802.11a signals, multiple channels of W-CDMA signals and more
  • Performs equally well on wideband and narrowband signals, proprietary signals and standards based signals

Gain greater insight with the powerful signal analysis tools of the 89600 VSA software

  • High resolution spectrum analysis
  • Gather the data you need to troubleshoot PHY layer problems
  • Advanced general purpose and standard-specific modulation analysis options
  • Demodulation options for most emerging comms applications: WiMAX, WLAN-HT (single channel), 3G, and more
  • Extensive suite of time, frequency, and modulation -domain analysis tools for burst analysis
  • Compatible with more than 30 Keysight signal analyzers, scopes, and logic analyzers
  • Flexible software licensing and support: node-locked, floating, or 12 month