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4157B Modular Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer

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Principais recursos e especificações

General Features

  • Flexible, expandable and upgradeable modular parametric instrument controlled via I/CV 3.0 Lite software
  • Ultra low current measurement without external preamplifiers
  • Flexible to provide stable 100aA measurements
  • Switch between CV and IV measurement without wasting time swapping cables

Measurement Capabilities

  • 1 femtoamp current measurement resolution without external preamplifiers (High-Resolution SMU)
  • 100 attoamp current measurement resolution using HRSMU with Atto Sense & Switch Unit (ASU)
  • 10 femtoamp and 0.5 microvolt measurement resolution (Medium-Power SMU)
  • +/- 200 Volts and +/- 1 Amp output by High-Power SMU

I/CV 3.0 Lite Software Capabilities

  • Drivers for all of the popular semiautomatic wafer probers
  • Intuitive GUI-based switching matrix control for the B2200A, B2201A, and E5250A
  • Test sequencer for automating testing across an entire wafer
  • Post-test graphical analysis and wafer mapping capability


The 4157B offers flexibility, expandability, and upgradeability in a PC-based measurement environment, providing a complete solution for parametric measurement and analysis.

On this page: Industry Challenges · Summary · Features and Benefits · Components · Key Specifications

Industry Challenges

Engineers and scientists working on current and future semiconductor process technologies face a variety of parametric measurement challenges.

  • Reducing the cost of test. Flexible and expandable solutions are needed to allow for solution customization and to ensure that measurement hardware does not become obsolete.
  • Precise ultra low current and low voltage measurement. Certain structures require current measurement resolution < 1 femtoamp and/or voltage measurement resolution < 1 microvolt.
  • Easy capacitance versus voltage (CV) and current versus voltage measurement (IV). Both CV and IV measurement are required for semiconductor device characterization, but switching between these is difficult (especially when using positioners on a wafer prober) because of the required cable swapping.

Keysight 4157B Modular Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer


Solves the most extreme parametric measurement challenges.

The 4157B meets the most extreme parametric measurement challenges. For engineers and scientists working on current and future semiconductor process technologies, the 4157B provides a solution that both meets their needs and lowers their cost of test. The wide variety of available modules and advanced measurement features of the 4157B (such as custom sweep/step capability, multi-channel sweep mode with parallel test capability, linear/binary search, range management, and force value self-monitoring) provide a complete solution for parametric measurement and analysis.

Unlike solutions that include both the system controller and measurement resources combined, the 4157B gives you the freedom to manage these resources separately, thereby avoiding the expensive problem of the PC controller becoming obsolete years before other elements. Because you can upgrade your PC controller hardware or software without losing the use of your instrument, your investment is protected against unforeseeable shifts in PC technology. The 4157B ranges in price from US $25,000 to $100,000, depending on module configuration and options.

  • Ultra low current measurement without cumbersome external preamplifiers

    The 4157B HRSMU supplies 1-femtoamp measurement resolution without any need for external preamplifiers.

    For situations not requiring ultra low current measurement, the 4157B HRSMU provides an extremely efficient solution. The 4157B HRSMU can supply 1-femtoamp measurement resolution without cumbersome external preamplifiers. This innate capability enables you to meet the measurement challenges posed by the vast majority of current and future devices.

    The HRSMU (as well as the redesigned MPSMU) also supports new 0.5 V and 5 V measurement ranges, which improve measurement accuracy for modern lower-voltage transistors. The HRSMU (and redesigned MPSMU) also provides voltage measurement resolution down to 0.5 microvolts.
  • Flexibility to provide stable 100 attoamp measurements

    The 4157B HRSMU accepts an optional atto sense and switch unit (ASU), which increases the low current measurement resolution of the HRSMU to 100 attoamps.

    The 4157B HRSMU can combine with the ASU to provide 100 attoamps of current measurement resolution, which is necessary for certain extreme characterization needs such as memory cell leakage testing. In addition, you can also make voltage measurements and force both voltage and current up to the limits of the HRSMU specification when using the ASU.
  • Switch between CV and IV measurement without wasting time swapping cables

    The ASU enables switching between 100 attoamp measurement and precise capacitance measurement without changing any cabling.

    The 4157B ASU possesses two BNC inputs that Keysight has designed to be compatible with the outputs of a capacitance meter. Simple software commands enable you to switch between SMU based measurement (IV) and capacitance meter based measurement (CV) without having to change any cabling. Of course, you can also use the BNC inputs with other instruments such as a digital voltmeter (DVM) or a pulse generator unit (PGU). Not matter what your configuration, the ASU provides better switching measurement performance than an external switching matrix, and offers improved ease of use.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
HRSMU has 1 femtoamp current measurement resolution without any need for external preamplifiers. Can meet the measurement challenges posed by the vast majority of current and future devices without requiring the use of cumbersome preamplifiers.
HRSMU combines with optional atto sense and switch unit (ASU) to achieve 100 attoamp current measurement resolution. Stable 100 attoamp current resolution via remote sensing meets the most demanding ultra low current measurement requirements.
The ASU makes it easy to switch between CV and IV measurements via simple software commands. No need to physically change cabling or move to a different probe station.
MPSMU and HRSMU can measure voltage with 0.5 microvolt resolution. Both SMUs also support new 0.5 V and 5 V measurement ranges. Able to perform very demanding component matching and metal line resistance voltage measurements with ease.
Fast set up. The 4157B comes standard with a PC-based instrument controller running Windows XP Professional. The I/CV 3.0 Lite software is pre-installed on the portable controller, with a USB/GPIB interface included. This creates a true turnkey solution. Simply power up the controller, connect it to the instrument with the USB/GPIB interface, and you are ready to make measurements with a few clicks of the mouse.


  • E5241C I/CV 3.0 Lite
  • E5270B Precision Measurement Mainframe
  • E5280B High Power Source/Monitor Unit module (HPSMU)
  • E5281B Medium Power Source/Monitor Unit module (MPSMU)
  • E5287A High Resolution Source/Monitor Unit module (HRSMU)
  • E5288A Atto Sense and Switch Unit (ASU)
  • Notebook PC
  • Keysight 82357A USB/GPIB Interface
  • Cables and accessories

Key Specifications

Mainframe Characteristics
  E5270B 8-Slot Precision Measurement Mainframe
Available Slots 8
Ground Unit (GNDU) Sink Capability 4.0 A
Instrument Control GPIB
External Trigger Inputs/Outputs 1 BNC Trigger In; 1 BNC Trigger Out; 8 Programmable Trigger In/Out
Module Selection Guide
Required Slots 2 1 1 N/A
Maximum force voltage ± 200 V ± 100 V ± 100 V ± 100 V
Maximum force current ± 1 A ± 100 mA ± 100 mA ± 100 mA
Voltage measurement resolution 2 mV 0.5 mV 0.5 mV 0.5 mV
Current measurement resolution 10 fA 10 fA 1 fA 0.1 fA
I/CV 3.0 Lite Automation Software Characteristics
Data Acquisition and Control:  
User Interface Windows GUI
View multiple tasks simultaneously Yes
Test sequencing on devices or wafers Yes
Factory-supplied CV drivers and analysis routines Yes
Factory-supplied switch drivers Yes
Factory-supplied prober drivers Yes
Plotting and Reporting:  
Built-in Excel style spreadsheet Yes
Direct Excel data transfer via DDE Yes
CSV (comma separated variable) file export Yes
Real-time graphical data analysis Yes
Supported PC printer ports Parallel and USB
Statistical analysis, wafer mapping, and histograms Yes
Environment and Connectivity:  
Operating system Windows 2000 and XP Professional
CD-RW and hard disk drives Yes (on PC)
Networkable Yes (on PC)
Supported PC peripherals Any peripheral using USB/PCI
CPU power Any 300 MHz or faster CPU
PC user upgradeable Yes