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The N5530S measuring receiver system is a successor to the 8902A for RF/microwave signal source and attenuator calibrations. For more than two decades, the 8902A has been the recognized industry standard in calibration performance.

The N5530S delivers superior performance over the 8902A, while providing much broader frequency coverage without using external downconverters. The N5530S software (PSA Series Option 233) enables the seamless transition for 8902A users by mimicking the front panel of the 8902A. It further offers advanced setup capability that allows the user to easily change filters, detector types, or the number of averages performed in a measurement and a comprehensive user interface. Operations in the “batch mode” enable the users to initiate a list of measurements sequentially with the push of a button.

The N5530S is based on Keysight's PSA Series (E4443A/45A/40A) high-performance spectrum analyzers and EPM/EPM-P Series (E441xA/B) power meters. This approach allows these instruments to be used not just in the measuring receiver system, but individually for general-purpose measurement tasks as well.

The N5530S software automatically sets up the PSA Series spectrum analyzer and EPM power meter to make accurate measurements. It runs on PCs with Windows 2000 or XP operating systems. The PC must have a GPIB interface, such as the Keysight 82357A USB-to-GPIB converter, to communicate with the instruments. The system uses a Microsoft® COM API (application programming interface) that makes automation and integration into larger test systems convenient for COM environments. In addition, data generated by the system can be pasted into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, and data and measurement routines can be transferred anywhere via the LAN and Internet.

The N5530S is supported by three new sensor modules N5532A (Option 504, 518 and 526) that connect the device-under-test to the spectrum analyzer and power meter. They require only a single connection for both power and RF measurements. To improve repeatability, reliability and performance, the N5532A uses a passive splitter, where the 8902A sensors (11722A/11792A) had a mechanical RF switch.

Users looking for support for legacy systems, mixed old and new systems, or customized RF test systems, may visit our European Solution Partner (Addept). 

  • Specified measurements: frequency counter; absolute RF power; tuned RF level; AM depth; FM deviation; ØM deviation; modulation rate; modulation distortion; spectrum analysis
  • Frequency coverage: 4.2 GHz; 13.2 GHz; 18 GHz; 26.5 GHz
  • Resolution bandwidth: 1 Hz to 8 MHz (160 different selections)
  • Detector types: positive peak; negative peak; peak ± / 2; and RMS
  • Sensor modules: 100 kHz to 4.2 GHz; 10 MHz to 18 GHz; 30 MHz to 26.5 GHz
  • Performance: meets or exceeds the 8902A