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FSI-60089 DDR1 400 MT/s Analysis Probe

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Principais recursos e especificações


  • Compatible with all 184-pin, 2.5V DDR SDRAM DIMMs up to 400 MT/s.
  • Registered and non-registered DIMMs are supported.
  • Displays writes only, reads only, or writes and reads
  • Uses Keysight Eye Finder


This product is available from FuturePlus Systems Corp. as model FS2336 

The FS2336 supports the PC3200 module, a 184-pin, 200 MHz clock (400 MT/s data rate), 72-bit, un-buffered Synchronous Double Date Rate (DDR) DRAM Dual In-Line Memory Module (DDR SDRAM DIMM). It also supports slower versions that use a 100 MHz (200 MT/s data rate) or a 133 MHz clock (266 MT/s data rate) DDR SDRAM DIMM. Registered and non-registered DIMM's are supported.

Four each of one of the following termination adapters are required: E5378A, E5385A, or FS1026.

This product works with Keysight logic analyzers and can be ordered directly from FuturePlus Systems, a strategic Keysight Channel Partner. This product is no longer sold through Keysight Technologies.

FuturePlus Systems offers bus analysis probes for memory, graphics, PCI, PCI-X, PCI Express, USB, , Serial Rapid IO, and other standard buses.

Contact Information: FuturePlus Systems Corporation, 6455 North Union Blvd. Suite 202, Colorado Springs, CO 80918-5844.

Phone: (719) 278-3540

Fax: (719) 278-9586.

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