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J6824A Eight-Port E1/T1 Line Interface Module (LIM)

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This LIM helps network professionals isolate and resolve network problems quickly on ATM Inverse Multiplexing for ATM (IMA) and 3G networks.

  • Can be used with the J6800A Network Analyzer, J6801A Distributed Network Analyzer, and J6802B Distributed Network Analyzer MX platforms.
  • Hot-swappable - a LIM can be removed safely while an application is running and another LIM inserted in its place; the current application terminates and the user can launch another suitable application for the new LIM without having to power down and restart the analyzer.

The Eight-port E1/T1 LIM for the Keysight Network Analyzer offers real-time ATM IMA analysis and troubleshooting on up to eight ports.

Keysight's new eight-port E1/T1 LIM is the first to offer multiport IMA analysis on a hot-swappable interface and on a portable field service tool. This enables network operators to purchase one Network Analyzer for use in troubleshooting any LAN and WAN technology, from E1/T1 to Gigabit Ethernet, including multi-port IMA.

Operational Modes:

  • For the Network Analyzer application:
    - single-port ATM
    - multi-port ATM IMA
    - multi-port ISDN PRI layer 2 decodes
  • For the Signaling Analyzer application:
    - single-port ATM
    - multi-port ATM IMA
    - multi-port Channelized with HDLC (SS7, Frame Relay and ISDN) or TRAU 16K framing

  • Industry First: Eight-port ATM IMA on a portable platform with hot-swappable interfaces
  • Lowest cost per port for ATM IMA analysis
  • 2G/2.5G/3G channelized eight-port analysis for the Keysight Signaling Analyzer
  • Eight-port E1/T1 passive monitoring taps available for convenient and efficient connections to a network
  • The J6824A LIM can be configured to operate with T1 (1.5 Mb/s) or E1 (2 Mb/s) line rate with DS1 or E1 framing, respectively, at RJ-48C 8-pin connectors, suitable for balanced 100 Ohm T1 or 120 Ohm E1 interfacing, or unbalanced 75 Ohm E1 interfacing
  • Cable options provide 8 dual Bantam connector cables terminated in an RJ48C plug; or 8 dual 75 Ohm BNC connector cables terminated in an RJ48C plug; or 8 balanced cables which swap cable pairs between RJ48C pins [1,2]/[4,5] to RJ45 pins [5,4]/[6,3]
  • Real-time simultaneous AAL-2 or AAL-5 reassembly on more than 4000 ATM virtual channels (user controls which)
  • ATM Policing, Traffic Contract Estimation and 1-point CDV on multiple virtual circuits simultaneously