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N4220B PCI Express Packet Analysis Probe

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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Non-intrusive probing of PCI Express slots and chip-to-chip links (link widths: x16, x8, x4, x2, x1)
  • Supports PCI Express at full frequency - 2.5+GT/s
  • Ability to support PCI Express advanced switching at full frequency - 2.5+GT/s
  • Triggering on and decode a PCI Express bus at the packet level
  • Support for ALL PCI Express Modes: Squelch, Link training, TLP, DLLP, 10B/8B
  • Spread spectrum Clock and scrambled data Support
  • Ability to quickly capture data coming out of L0s without the use of the extended sync bit
  • Cross-bus correlated analysis and sequenced event triggering across all buses


The N4220B is the latest version of the PCI Express Analysis Probe and is a replacement for the N4220A.

The N4220B packet analysis probe with option 210, adds packet-based trigger and display for a PCI Express bus. With this probe you can capture and view data traveling across PCI Express at full frequency (2.5+GT/s) in high-level format for viewing on the 16700 or 16900 Series logic analysis system. The tool decodes the 8b/10b encoded and scrambled PCI Express data to present a packet-based listing.

The N4220B PCI Express analysis probe decodes a number of pre-defined PCI Express packets and also allows for user-defined packet setup. You can describe your trigger at the packet level.

All PCI Express traffic is time-stamped in the logic analyzer for time-correlation measurements with other system buses such as a µProcessor system bus (FSB), memory interface, Serial ATA, etc.

For more information please read: In-Depth: Validation Techniques for PCI Express 

Supported Logic Analyzer Modules: 16951B, 16950A/B, 16753/54/55/56A