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E4438C-407 Signal Studio for S-DMB, Fixed Perpetual License

Status do Produto: Descontinuado | Com Suporte
Este produto não se encontra disponível

Principais recursos e especificações

  • Generate up to 26 superframes of unique data - statistically significant BER/BLER testing
  • AWGN capability - perform receiver test under various noise environments
  • Evaluate BER/BLER with fully coded signals
  • Configure pilot channel - add pilot information coding for functional testing
  • Selectable scramble code type - choose from either Japan or Korea scramble code types
  • Create EPG and CAS channels with custom data - perform functional testing
  • Generate up to 64 channels - create high crest factor signals for gap filler amplifier testing
  • Save time with preconfigured setups - quickly save and recall custom configurations
  • Import or select from built-in data patterns - PRBS, fixed bit patterns, and user files


National Instrument GPIB card users must install a patch for Keysight IO Libraries 14.1 or 14.2.

Test S-DMB User Terminals and Gap Fillers

Option 407 is flexible signal creation software for testing Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcast user terminals and gap fillers in a manufacturing environment. The simple user-interface, coupled with predefined configurations, makes it easy to quickly get started creating test signals. These test signals can be automatically downloaded to a maximum of 10 ESGs over the LAN or GPIB interfaces.

Fully Coded Signals for BER/BLER Analysis

Thoroughly test your receiver's RF and baseband subsections with up to 26 superframes of unique data. The coding for each channel can be configured for your custom test needs, including: Reed-Solomon encoding, byte interleaving, convolutional encoding, and bit interleaving. Demodulator-specific testing can be performed by disabling the coding layer and injecting data directly into the physical layer before spreading and scrambling.

Create Realistic Test Signals for Amplifier Testing

Generate real-world test signals for testing the transmitter chain of the gap filler. Add up to 64 channels, change the data type, and modify the data offset to create realistic crest factor signals. Choose from predefined setups or set up custom channel configurations to meet your specific test needs.

Typical Applications

Signal Studio for S-DMB is designed specifically for testing user terminal receivers and gap filler power amplifiers and components. Typical applications include:

  • User Terminal: receiver BER/BLER analysis
  • User Terminal: ASIC/DSP coding algorithm development and debugging
  • Gap filler: filter and amplifier testing

This option can be added as a product upgrade.