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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Courses that are designed to help trainers get acquainted with the system, as well as being able to instruct new users
  • Flexibility: The Kit's inter-connectable RF modules allow the flexibility of using the user's modules. You can therefore build your own RF Circuits for testing and experiment
  • User-friendly: An easy-to-use and handy test tool to verify your test equipment's functionality


Keysight's RF Laboratory Kit includes three training materials and two RF modules. The three training materials are Network Analyzer basics, Spectrum Analyzer basics, and Laboratory Guide, of which the first two are targeted at helping users understand the theory of network analyzers and spectrum analyzers. The third - Laboratory Guide - includes nine experiments to make practical measurements.

The two RF modules include transmitter, receiver and their sub-circuits (amplifiers, bandpass filters, mixer, I-Q modulator, etc). Users are shown how to use spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, vector signal analyzers, and signal generators to measure the desired parameters.


  • Reduced risk of measurements
  • Reduced training man-hours and cost
  • Improved quality, repeatability, and accuracy in testing
  • Reduced test cycle time
Components of RF Laboratory Kit
  Description Audience What you will learn
Spectrum Analysis Basics Courseware Theoretical fundamentals and a demonstration of practical spectrum analysis measurements Engineers and technicians who are using spectrum analyzers · Operate Keysight 856x, 859x or ESA series spectrum analyzers
· Explain the fundamental block diagram and technical specifications of a spectrum analyzer
· Describe dynamic range considerations
· Evaluate measurement accuracy
Network Analysis Basics Courseware Theoretical fundamentals and a demonstration of practical network analysis measurements Engineers and technicians who are using network analyzers · Operate 87xx series network analyzers
· Describe the principles of network analysis
· Identify the major sources of errors in a microwave measurement and their impact on measurement uncertainty
· Evaluate measurement accuracy, perform basic fault location using time domain
Laboratory Guide An enhanced measurement learning experience through an effective hands-on approach with experiments to supplement theoretical knowledge Engineers and technicians who are using spectrum analyzers and network analyzers RF Laboratory Kit:
   · Transmitter box
   · Receiver box
R1360A-103 Start-up Assistance One day on-site New users, first-time buyers of a Keysight instrument, users of new or existing instruments, Engineers or Managers with specific, definable tasks Provides technical consultation over the telephone