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E8267C-004 Enables PSG Digital Inputs with N5102A

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Fully calibrated up-conversion of digital baseband to analog I/Q, IF or RF
Digital input capability provides you with a fast, flexible means of upconverting your digital baseband signal to a calibrated analog I/Q, IF or RF signal. Use your E8267C ESG vector signal generator to emulate the upconverter and amplifier stages in your digital transmitter design, so that you can test your baseband section with a scope, spectrum analyzer or vector signal analyzer. This reduces both risk and the time invested in creating custom test solutions.

Flexible logic types, data formats, clocking, and physical interface
The N5102A Baseband Studio digital signal interface module interfaces easily to your device. With a choice of 4 to 16-bit digital word sizes, serial, parallel or dual data rate I/Q sample streams, and selectable TTL, CMOS, and LVDS logic types, Keysight has eliminated the need for signal converters. With automatic re-sampling and adjustable clock phase and skew, the need for rate matching and delay lines is also eliminated. Physical interfacing is simplified with SCSI, Mictor, and Samtec interchangeable breakout boards, and a three-meter cable puts our digital port as close as close to your device as necessary. More information

Typical applications
The N5102A interface module is recommended for testing digital transmitter subsystems before the analog output section is completed.

How to upgrade
If you currently own an E8267C PSG, it can be upgraded to include option 004 by ordering E8267CK-004.