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J7332A Wireless LAN Analyzer Laptop

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The Keysight Wireless LAN Analyzer Laptop is the most powerful solution available for managing WLANs in the field and performing detailed back-office analysis. Concerned about security? The Wireless LAN Analyzer Laptop validates 802.1b, VPNs, LEAP, TKIP, MIC, and introduces 14 new security alarms (29 total) making it a must have in any wireless environment.

In addition to its security capabilities, the Wireless LAN Analyzer Laptop provides performance management, expert advice, connection troubleshooting tools, a complete set of network diagnostic tools, and a built-in Site Survey tool. The result is a solution that can make sure your wireless networks are secure, high performing, and easy to manage.

  • Real-time support for 802.11b network infrastructure
  • World Mode supports all 802.11b channels in use worldwide, including "undeployed" bands.
  • Over 70+ Configurable Performance and Security Alarms Specific to Wi-Fi
  • Support for 802.1x and LEAP/TKIP/MIC
  • Detailed Performance Analysis
  • End-to-End Connectivity Testing
  • Object Oriented Recording and Playback
  • Ability to View Up To 6 User Defined Graphs Simultaneously
  • GPS Support