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J2914A STM-1e/EC-3 Module for the Keysight Advisor

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  • Designed to interface at the intershelf 75 Ohm electrical connections in exchanges/central offices – sensitive monitoring capability for connection at intermediate and main distribution frames (IDFs and MDFs)
  • Service turn-up is done with confidence -- pre-written tests allow for full bandwidth simulation, policing, and simultaneous monitoring for all types of ATM traffic
  • Full-rate capture and analysis of Packet over SONET/SDH for IETF and Cisco HDLC variants
  • Isolates maintenance issues -- statistics and charting of network loading show peak utilization and isolate users by network layer address
  • Pulse amplitude measurement verifies signal levels
  • Pinpoints physical layer service interruptions -- line status indicators show physical layer problems and timestamp any interruption in service
  • Accuracy when you need it -- 100 percent data capture and analysis at full line rate with 100 ns resolution on all traffic analysis
  • Automatic audit of ATM services -- gathers all active VPI/VCIs and their associated adaptation layer encapsulation and services to show which circuits are in use, and how
  • Continuity testing -- pings verify connectivity and check timing of round trip delay
  • Physical layer integrity -- SDH/SONET and ATM-layer BERT (bit error rate tests) confirm Layer 1 integrity
  • Easy-to-use interface -- the Windows®98 user interface lets you choose the function by pointing and clicking on an icon
  • Both STM-1 and STS-3c framing supported for STM-1e and EC-3 interfaces respectively