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E6703B W-CDMA Lab Application

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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Four types of W-CDMA calls supported:
    - Packet switched data at 64 k DL/UL and lightning-fast 384 k DL/64k UL
    - Circuit switched data at 14.4 k and 57.6 k
    - AMR voice echo
    - Radio bearer test mode using 12.2 k, 64 k, 144 k, and 384 k symmetric reference
  • Data channels connect to external I/O for real-life testing
     - PS channel routed to Ethernet, CS channel routed to Ethernet or Serial
  • Compressed mode operation using spreading factor reduction
     - Includes display of UE GSM RSSI or W-CDMA inter-frequency measurements
  • 2nd cell soft handoff capability for all supported radio bearers
     - Does your service stay up as the mobile moves through the network?
  • Point-and-Click simple protocol analysis using the included Wireless Protocol Advisor
  • Advanced physical layer diagnostics for PRACH process, including graphics
  • W-CDMA to GSM system handovers or Fast Switch to our GSM/GPRS lab application
  • Plus all features of the E1963A W-CDMA test application that were available when the E6703B first released


The E6703B W-CDMA lab application for the E5515 wireless communications test set provides lab engineers with a powerful Network in a Box for W-CDMA, including: network emulation, RF measurements, protocol analysis, and real-life data connections.

Whether you need to design, integrate, or debug wireless appliances, E6703B includes an UTRA FDD system simulator that is so fast, most devices transition from power-on to call connected in less than a few seconds - and the majority of that time is used to boot-up the device! In addition, since the E6703B is device independent, one application is all that is needed for working with any compliant W-CDMA devices. This Network in a Box for W-CDMA is packed with features.

Consider the possibilities:
You are a UE design engineer. You make a change to firmware/hardware and want to verify that change. You turn in your chair and hook the UE to your E5515 running our UMTS lab applications. Power on the UE and make a quick BS or MS originated voice call to check end-to-end functionality. Release the voice call and make a radio bearer test mode call at one of five available data rates, just like they will use in your factory. Put the UE into soft handoff with our 2nd cell, drop cell power, and check the UE's rake receiver with BER or BLER measurements. Come out of soft handoff and operate the call in compressed mode, again checking functionality with BER/BLER. Next, complete the RB test mode call by signaling a system handover to GSM and verify your change won't affect the amazingly short dual-mode production test speed. Now, bring up the lightning-fast 384kDL/64kUL packet data call and log on to your company's video server through our instrument over the LAN. While checking the UE video display, monitor IP throughput and protocol signaling to ensure everything you promise in your device is still performing to peak capacity.