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N5110A-117 Hard Drive Waveform Streaming up to 1 MSa/s

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Principais recursos e especificações

  • A variety of setup and triggering controls
  • Programmable control with built-in API


Stream waveforms from your computer hard drive at up to 1 MSa/s
Selecting Option 117 for N5110A Baseband Studio for waveform streaming allows you to stream waveform data from your computer's hard drive (HDD) or hard drive array at rates up to 1 MSa/s, providing a modulation bandwidth of about 800 khz. Coupled with a Keysight E4438C ESG or E8267C PSG vector signal generator, custom I/Q waveforms, limited in size only by the HDD storage capacity of your computer system, can be used to stimulate your device under test with realistic baseband and RF signal conditions.

To extend the hard drive waveform streaming bandwidth from 1 up to 5 MSa/s or higher, refer to Option 118.

Typical applications
Option 117 is recommended for simulating the complicated radio transmission schemes of today's increasingly complex communication systems. The ability to generate long time-records of a unique test signal enables a variety of new test possibilities, including extensive system signaling simulation early in the design cycle, receiver BER analysis of continuous PN sequences, and device evaluation with long signal recordings captured off the air.

How to upgrade
An upgrade kit does not exist for this option.