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J2294D E1/T1 Modules for the Keysight Advisor

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This product is no longer available

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The Keysight J2294D E1/T1Interface Module operates with the Keysight Advisor ATM/WAN. The interface supports E1 or T1 configurations, as well as full or fractional E1/T1 on both ATM and WAN.Itis a highly specialized interface for ATM and Frame Relay testing.Also, ithandles technologies suchas ATM DXI, X.25, HDLC, SDLC, Async PPP and PPP. The interface provides fully integrated monitoring and simulation solutions.

The J2294D has DB-9 and RJ-45 connectors, which, with converter cables (J2286B), can connect to 120-Ohm Small Siemens connectors.

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