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S5005A PIM and PIM Location, Reference Solution

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Principais recursos e especificações

Keep test costs under control, with efficiency at volume

Test plan optimized for throughput, with fast root-cause analysis

  • VNA-based solution has superior RF performance including measurement speed which is suited for volume manufacturing
  • S-parameter measurements, Passive Intermodulation (PIM) and PIM location can all be performed without the delays associated with re-connecting a DUT
  • Patented measurement method allows you to quickly locate the root-cause of PIM, without having to disassemble every component

Maximize measurement confidence and yield

A comprehensive test suite verifies specification-budgets are being met or exceeded

  • Characterize components and subsystems to avoid downstream re-work
  • Reduce uncertainties caused by power-level drift at the DUT
  • Guided calibration for receiver levelling and accurate measurement

Flexible configurations to suit your workflow

Build from the Keysight reference solution

  • VNA-based with time-domain feature and frequency-offset sweep capability
  • S-parameter + PIM and PIM Location – with calibration standards and measurement software
  • Custom amplification and filtering to suit your specified operating bands


Passive Intermodulation can arise in components such as antennas, cables, connectors, or duplexers when two or more high-power signals encounter an electrical discontinuity – effectively generating mixer products.

In cellular communications, where multi-carrier and multi-band operation is increasingly prevalent, unwanted intermodulation products can fall onto receive bands, raising the noise level and degrading system performance. The innovative S5005A solution adds PIM detection and patented PIM location analysis (PLA) to a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) - supplementing S-parameter capabilities with fast and accurate PIM characterization. The unification of these functions at a single test station, together with the ability to quickly identify the source of PIM, results in significant CapEx and OpEx efficiencies.

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