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Custom Systems and Components

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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Specifications for custom systems are based on your requirements.


Keysight designs custom laser interferometer position measurement systems and components suited to your application. We would be happy to discuss your requirements. You can contact us by using the Contact Us link in the upper right hand corner of this page. Understandably, our custom components are not listed on this site due to customer confidentiality. Some of the types of custom products we design and manufacture are:

  • Positioning feedback systems
  • Data processing electronics
  • Fiber delivery laser heads
  • Compact multi-axis interferometers
  • Vacuum compatible components
  • Plano optics and coatings

Some of the advantages of having Keysight do the design for you are:

  • Your staff does not need to understand laser and optical component physics
  • You can concentrate on designing your machine and leave the design of the position feedback system to Keysight
  • Keysight is responsible for the complete operation of the position feedback system hardware and software
  • Higher system reliability and integrity
  • Over 30 years of position feedback system experience
  • Turnkey calibration procedures
  • Vertical integration