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Principais recursos e especificações

BenchVue Software benefits: 

  • Integrate lab instrumentation in one software platform to visualize measurements from multiple instruments
  • Rapidly develop test sequences without learning a language --teach the concepts not the tool
  • Extensible apps for flexibility and additional capability
  • Remote teaching/learning capabilities

BenchVue Education Bundle benefits:

  • Learn more about the New 2017 BenchVue Software Education Control Collection and it's benefits
  • Enables 100 different PCs each with the licensed/Pro version of the apps listed below
  • Licenses are enabled for 1 year of use (including updates and support)
  • Special education pricing


Enabling the next generation of engineers to tackle and solve the toughest electronic design and test challenges.

Supporting industry-standard test and measurement instruments, the BenchVue software platform is ideal for students learning electronics or needing to get access to get results faster. With its intuitive interface and measurement capabilities, BenchVue software allows educators to focus on their curriculum and spend less time teaching user interfaces. 

Keysight’s BenchVue software for the PC reinvents your bench testing by making it simple to connect, record and achieve results across multiple instruments with no programming. Compared to alternative software, BenchVue users derive results faster by easily viewing, logging and exporting measurement data and screen shots with only a few clicks. BenchVue consists of different apps that can be downloaded to control unique instrument types. BenchVue supports hundreds of Keysight oscilloscopes, multimeters, spectrum analyzers, power supplies, function generators, data acquisition units, network analyzers, electronic loads, and power sensor models. 

The BenchVue Education Bundle offers a unique opportunity for university and college educators to use a single software tool to interact with their instrumentation. No-cost versions of BenchVue apps are also available for students to use on their own PCs. The Education Bundle extends beyond the no-cost version and unlocks licensed/Pro versions of the apps in BenchVue. 100 different PCs can be licensed through this bundle and are enabled for 1 calendar year. After the one year, the Pro and licenses apps will revert back to their no-cost versions.

BenchVue Education Bundle includes:
DMM Pro (BV0001A), Function Generator Pro (BV0002A), Power Supply Pro (BV0003A), Oscilloscope Pro (BV0004A), Spectrum Analyzer Pro (BV0005A), Data Acquisition Pro (BV0006A), Power Meter Pro (BV0007A), and Test Flow.

Learn more about BenchVue software education benefits.

Learn more about the BenchVue software platform.

View supported instrument models.