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J6783A Keysight NTC Wireless LAN

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The Keysight Network Troubleshooting Center is the first and only solution to fully integrate the ability to manage and troubleshoot the entire network from WAN to LAN and now WLAN. This NTC WLAN application can address the integrity of wireless networks - providing 24x7 monitoring of the Security, Performance, and Reliability of any number of WLANs, and delivering actionable information to management staffs and systems anywhere in the world.

NTC Wireless LAN brings complete knowledge of every Wi-Fi device and channel in the environment regardless of band (802.11a, 802.11b, or 802.11g). Management staff can easily monitor the security measures in use on every device to ensure compliance with established policies, while automatically scanning for dozens of wireless network attacks. In addition to security, NTC Wireless LAN proactively addresses the performance and reliability of the network, without which, the WLAN simply could not meet enterprise standards. Dozens of configurable alarms proactively alert managers to developing issues before they lead to problems. A suite of active testing utilities enable managers to test their infrastructure from any location they choose.

Core Capabilities

- Intrusion Detection
- Policy Control and Enforcement
- Wireless Performance and Reliability
- One Touch Remote Drill Down
- End-to-End Troubleshooting
- Multi-Mode Coverage (a,b,g)

  • Control Over Security Policy
  • Ensure all users employ the right level of security by validating WPA, WEP, LEAP, PEAP, TKIP, MIC, 802.1x as well as VPNs
  • Wireless Intrusion Detection
  • Over 30 Security Alarms detect Rogue APs, as well as dozens of other equally dangerous, yet less publicized attacks.
  • Performance and Reliability Monitoring
    37 Alarms and Diagnostics detect evolving problems and their root causes before they impact end-users.
  • Multi-Mode/Infrastructure Agnostic
  • Concurrent coverage of all 802.11a, b, and g infrastructure regardless of vendor
  • Remote Management
  • Securely drill into any sensor for real-time remote management and troubleshooting
  • Enterprise Scalability
    With intelligence built in to each sensor, network data is processed locally instead of needlessly consuming bandwidth by resending each packet for remote processing
  • Integration with Leading Network Management Suites
  • SNMP traps allow users to integrate into their favorite management consoles