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M9703B AXIe High-Speed Digitizer/Wideband Digital Receiver, 12-bit, 3.2 GS/s, 8-ch, FPGA Signal Processing

Vendido por:
  • Keysight - Tempo estimado de entrega 10 Semanas


Preço para o: Brasil

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Principais recursos e especificações


  • Multi-channel applications requiring phase coherency, wideband frequency analysis, high dynamic range, streaming and recording capability
  • Radar and satellite: antenna array calibration and test, electronic warfare (EW) radar emulation, passive radar receiver, or multi-band SATCOM monitoring
  • RF Communications: Multichannel Baseband-IQ (BBIQ) and wideband MIMO for emerging standards research (e.g. 5G)
  • Advanced research large scale experiments in hydrodynamics, plasma fusion (Tokamak/Stellarator), particle physics, or microwave astronomy

See Measurement Solution Examples: Active Antenna Test, Multi-Emitter Environment Test Signals


  • 8 channels, 12-bit resolution, up to 3.2 GS/s, DC to 2 GHz input frequency range, up to 16 GB on-board memory
  • Multi-module processing synchronization for up to 64 phase coherent channels
  • On-board FPGAs with or without streaming and recording, suitable for custom processing or off-the-shelf wideband real-time DDC
  • Enhanced signal processing configuration for OEM and A&D applications, large FPGA with customizable numerous real-time I/O interfaces


Based on the AXIe standard  the M9703B is an 8-channel, 12-bit digitizer/wideband digital receiver, able to capture signals from DC up to 2 GHz at 1.6 GS/s. A channel interleaving capability allows waveform acquisition at up to 3.2 GS/s with exceptional measurement accuracy.

The M9703B also provides real-time data processing, large FPGA and customizable I/O interfaces. Detailed explanations can be found in the firmware options section of the datasheet.

The multi-module processing synchronization allows building a system of up to 64 phase-coherent channels with the M9514A 14-slot AXIe chassis; however smaller chassis are also available.

You can also find more news about the evolution of the high-speed digitizer technology on our blog.