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Key Features & Specifications

Current version: 1.0

Use BenchVue to: 

  • Visualize multiple measurements simultaneously
  • Easily log data, screen images and system state
  • Recall past state of your bench to replicate results
  • Rapidly prototype custom test sequences NEW! 

Create automated tests in BenchVue Test Flow with no programming

  • Rapidly prototype custom test sequences
  • Combine multiple instruments into a sequence for better DUT characterization
  • Drag-and-drop operations enable fast test creation

Analyze and visualize your test sequence data

  • Quickly validate your sequence setup using the preview tool/window/graph
  • Customize your graphs to view measurements with different X-axis and Y-axis information
  • Export data to popular tools such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and MATLAB for documentation or further analysis


Keysight BenchVue software for the PC reinvents your bench experience by making it simple to connect and record results with your instruments with no programming. You will derive answers faster than ever by easily viewing, logging and exporting measurement data and screen images with a few clicks. Rapidly prototype custom test sequences with the integrated BenchVue Test Flow app. The integrated library feature includes fast access to manuals, FAQs, videos, and more—enabling you to expand your measurement knowledge and reduce test setup time. Mobile apps enable you monitor and respond to long-running tests from anywhere. With BenchVue, it’s as simple as: Click. Capture. Done.

The BenchVue Test Flow App (BV1001A) enables automation within BenchVue. Using an intuitive interface, you can easily create your own test sequences to rapidly create custom tests for your needs. Automatically repeat measurements using any combination of instruments to test or characterize your device. The data visualization tool inside of BenchVue Test Flow allows you to visualize your test results with graphs and view them in tabular form.

Download the free version of BenchVue software now. A free 30-day trial of the Test Flow app is available with every download of BenchVue platform software

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