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Principais recursos e especificações

- Expands data rate of J-BERT M8020A up to 32.4 Gb/s

- Fully unique integrated capabilities for higher-data-rate testing

  • Integrated adjustable inter symbol interference (ISI) helps engineers quickly test over a large range of channel loss without moving cables
  • Integrated analyzer equalization ensures accurate BER measurements by opening eyes in the looped-back channel
  • Integrated 8-tap de-emphasis allows engineers to emulate transmitter operation and de-embed test setups

- Improved efficiency and accuracy for 100G and beyond testing

- Interactive TxEQ training for 25GBASE-KR and 100GBASE-KR4

- Control from J-BERT M8020A high-performance BERT


The M8062A 32 Gb/s module expands the J-BERT M8020A high-performance BERT with versatile generator and analyzer functionality at data rates up to 32.4 Gb/s. The newly integrated capabilities streamline testing for R&D and test engineers who need to characterize devices and systems for next-generation data-center and long-haul-communication applications. Fully integrated capabilities like inter symbol interference generation, clock data recovery and analyzer equalization greatly improve device characterization and compliance testing and significantly simplifies test setups. The M8062A is a 2-slot AXIe module that can be controlled via USB through the integrated user interface of the J-BERT M8020A or through remote programming commands to allow test automation.

Application examples for M8062A:

  • Optical transceivers such as 100GBASE-LR4, -SR4 and -ER4, 32G Fibre Channel
  • SERDES and chip-to-chip interfaces, such as OIF CEI
  • Backplanes, cables, such as 100GBASE-KR4, -CR4
  • SAS-4 receiver testing
  • Thunderbolt 20G and active optical cables