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Key Features & Specifications

Current version: 3.1

Control your function generator like never before:

  • Drag-and-drop a measured trace from an oscilloscope to program arbitrary waveforms or simply point and click to control your function generator.
  • BenchVue Test Flow enabled. Use BenchVue Test Flow to rapidly develop custom test procedures or sequences.

Waveform creation is made easy:

  • Keysight Waveform Builder Pro Software is linked to BenchVue for quick custom waveform creation.

Access and control tests on your scope remotely:

  • With the companion BenchVue Mobile app, monitor and respond to long-running tests from anywhere.


The Function Generator App within BenchVue enables control of function generators to set waveform properties and load custom arbitrary waveforms from files or drag-and-drop from an oscilloscope (included in BV0000A). Upgrading to this Pro version (license BV0002A) provides advanced waveform creation capabilities by linking BenchVue to Keysight Waveform Builder Pro software.

Download the free version with included Pro trial now.

View supported function generator models.