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J7244A OC-48/STM-16 Multi-Rate Transceiver Module for OmniBER XM

Status do Produto: Descontinuado | Com Suporte
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Ideal for load testing the latest next generation SONET/SDH Multi Service Platforms

The Keysight J7244A SONET/SDH OC-48/STM-16 dual port, multi-rate transceiver module is designed for use with the OmniBER XM network simulator multi-port, multi-channel test solution. The J7244A also supports OC-12/STM-4 and OC-3/STM-1 rates on each port, and features both high order (STS/AU) and low order (VT/TU) channelisation.

The J7244A transmits at 1550nm and has an optical receiver range of 1200nm to 1625nm. The module plugs into the J7263A chassis enabling them to be used in conjunction with all other OmniBER XM modules, to provide a multi-port, multi-channel and multi-user test solution that can grow as your requirements grow.


  • Multi-channel protection switch time measurements for all protection schemes.
  • Unique, post-APS, multi-channel connectivity check to ensure correct switching and provisioning operation.
  • Performance analysis to GR253 and G826/828.
  • Simulate, and monitor, error and alarm flooding by inserting errors or alarms into all or selected channels.
  • Set, and monitor, key Path Overhead (POH) bytes in all or selected channels.
  • Both high order channelisation to STS-1/AU-3 and low order channelisation to VT-1.5/TU-11
  • Simultaneous driving and monitoring of test sessions by multiple users.
  • Full remote control of measurements using SCPI, Tcl or remote GUI.