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Principais recursos e especificações

  • ISO 17025 accredited calibration from the factory
  • Provides measurement results, uncertainties and specifications with guardbands
  • The uncertainties are included in the determination of pass/fail status


Option AMG provides a one-time ISO 17025 accredited calibration, directly from the factory, saving time over the standard service center calibration. Measurement results, uncertainties, and specifications with guardbands are provided on the Infoline website at time of factory shipment. Instructions for downloading the measurement report are included in the Calibration Certificate envelope that ships with the instrument. The Infoline Web Service is available at: Select “Original Calibration Documents”, enter your model and serial number, and select “Original Calibration Documents”. The report can then be saved, printed, or emailed as required.

This option cannot be added as a product upgrade - only available at time of purchase.