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Principais recursos e especificações

The Advanced Design System (ADS) Advanced Layout Element:

  • Layout Versus Schematic (LVS)
  • Design Rule Check (DRC)
  • DRC and LVS 3rd party tools
  • Manufacturing Grid
  • Silicon dummy metal fill utility


Advanced Design System (ADS)The W2320EP Advanced Layout Element provides access to additional ADS layout capabilities for layout verification, manufacturing grid and Silicon RFIC utilities.

Layout versus Schematic (LVS)

  • ADS Module LVS
    • LVS for multi-technology module designs.
    • Module designs contain an IC footprint with area pins or a nested IC with pad components.
    • Checks the connections at the module level and connections through the bond wires to the pads in the IC. (Patent pending)
  • ADS Device Recognition LVS
    • Rules-based LVS for IC designs.

  • ADS Physical LVS
    • LVS for IC and RF Board designs based on physical connections in the layout.

    • Uses component area pins and layer bindings to form physical nets. Includes all shapes on conductive layers when forming physical nets, which provides accurate detection of shorts. (Patented)

  • ADS Pin Nets LVS
    • Provides ease of troubleshooting LVS errors.

    • Run Pin Nets LVS to check that each sub-design is LVS clean.

    • Browse the design using the hierarchical view and inspect the mapped components at each level of hierarchy.

  • Layout net names from Schematic
    • Bring net names from schematic into layout using the “Differences from Schematic” docking window.

    • Layout net names appear in the Navigator and the LVS report making it easy to identify and highlight important nets.

Design Rule Check (DRC)

  • DRC for IC, Module and RF Board designs.

  • Select rule categories to run a subset of the rules, or run the full set of rules with DRC running in the background, while the layout window stays active.

  • ADS DRC runs on your local machine keeping your data secure.

DRC and LVS 3rd party tools

  • Run DRC and LVS 3rd party tools and highlight errors in the layout window.
  • Import 3rd party DRC results into the DRC dialog.

Manufacturing Grid

  • Identify layout objects which are off grid and quickly align off grid objects to the manufacturing grid, with manual off-grid override.

Silicon RFIC Utilities

  • Generate dummy metal fills for silicon RFICs.
  • Check that the design meets the target required metal density.
  • Validate metal-fill effects on the design with Momentum early in the design process.