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U9405A Medalist i1000D Small Foot Print Inline and Offline In-Circuit Systems

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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Smallest foot print inline automated ICT – 850 mm
  • Upgradeable between inline and offline configurations
  • Largest bottom side component clearance – 40 mm
  • Special mechanism for test access on the board edge
  • Integrated inline automated solution with Keysight’s worldwide support


Unlike traditional bridge type board handlers that add a 3rd party equipment on your offline ICT systems, we provide a one-stop shopping experience when you are automating your in-circuit test.

Anticipating the cost dynamics in PCBA manufacturing, Keysight’s automated i1000D inline ICT helps you to accelerate production ramp up, while ensuring the quality of your products through some key unique features:

  • The U9405A Keysight Medalist i1000D Small Foot Print is the smallest in-line automated ICT in the world at 850 mm in width.
  • It comes with the most powerful digital test capabilities such as Boundary Scan, Cover-Extend Technology (CET), and Keysight’s well-known VTEP.
  • This ICT platform that can be switched between inline and offline configurations, thus protecting your investment. Not only can the tester be upgraded, the test fixtures can also be re-used when you move to inline.
  • The robust mechanical design makes it easy for you to maintain the system and achieve good uptime performance during production.

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