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Configuração Típica  

Configuração Típica

N7909A Advanced Power System - Power Dissipater Unit, 1000 W

  • R-51B-001-C Return to Keysight Warranty - 1 year


Preço para o: Brasil

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The N7909A power dissipater unit adds current sinking or two-quadrant operation to any Advanced Power System (APS) N6900A or N7900A power supply. Each N7909A provides up to 1 kW of current sinking capability to an APS power supply, so you will need two N7909As to achieve full two-quadrant operation of a 2-kW APS supply. You can use a single N7909A unit with a 2-kW APS power supply to achieve 50% current sinking capability. The N7909A form factor is 1U and full rack width. N7909A connects to an APS power supply via a two-wire power connection and a communication connection to provide continuous two-quadrant operation. The connections are located on the rear panel of both the N7909A and the supply.

Note that the N7909A does not operate as a standalone instrument. It only works with an APS power supply. Additional information on the APS’s 2-quadrant operation:

  • The APS provides programmable +/- current waveform capability to fully utilize the two-quadrant operation
  • The APS provides +/- current limit settings to ensure your device is operated in its allowable range
  • By default, the APS’s current sink capability will perform down programming for pulling down voltage levels when it is connected to loads with stored energy, for instance loads with a large amount of parallel capacitance at their input.
  • All these capabilities are also available when you use a standalone APS power supply’s 10% rated output current sinking capability without the N7909A power dissipater unit