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E8267C-005 Internal Hard Drive (6 GB)

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Mass waveform storage
The PSG equipped with Option 005 provides over 1 gigasample (GSa) of non-volatile memory for each I and Q channel in addition to the standard 1 megasample (MSa) non-volatile memory provided onboard the internal baseband generator. A 6 GB hard drive is mounted inside the PSG, enabling a library of I/Q waveforms to be built once and stored permanently in the instrument. Stored waveforms are quickly recalled for playback, significantly reducing the time required to generate complex test signals.

Typical applications
The internal hard drive is recommended for use in development and manufacturing applications that require repetitive use of arbitrary-waveform-based test signals. It is particularly beneficial when testing with large arbitrary waveform files that require time-consuming calculations to create and download. Common applications include the storage of standard receiver BER test waveforms, multicarrier test waveforms, and complex RADAR test patterns.

How to upgrade
If you currently own an E8267C PSG, it can be upgraded to include Option 005 by ordering E8267CK-005.

  • Mass storage for arbitrary waveform files (1 GSa) - Store a library of arbitrary waveform files conveniently inside the PSG. The 6 GB internal hard drive translates to over 1 GSa of waveform storage for each I and Q channel.
  • Minimize waveform build time - Reduce waveform calculations to a one-time event. Build once and store the waveform permanently on the internal hard drive.
  • Quickly recall for playback - The internal hard drive high-speed read/write access allows fast storage and recall of arbitrary I/Q waveform files.
  • Easily and securely erase memory - Select from multiple levels of security when erasing user information from the hard drive: simply erase, erase and overwrite, or erase, overwrite, and sanitize the hard drive for maximum security.