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Principais recursos e especificações

  •  Best solution for High-K/SOI pulsed IV characterization
  •  Accurate Id-Vd and Id-Vg measurement
  •  Min 10 ns gate pulse width with 2 ns rise and fall times
  •  1 µs current measurement resolution
  • Easy switching between dc and pulsed measurements
  • Supported analyzers: B1500A, E5270B, E5260A, E5262A, E5263A, 4155/56C, and 4155/56B


Pulsed IV parametric testing is becoming an increasingly common requirement for the development of semiconductor process and the evaluation of semiconductor devices. In recent years, the need for very accurate Pulsed IV measurement has increased due to the development of more advanced processes. To meet these needs Keysight offers a variety of Pulsed IV parametric test solutions that supply the widest range of pulse widths, voltage/current output, and performance available in the industry.
The Keysight B1542A 10 ns Pulsed IV parametric test solution has a pulse width range from 10 ns to 1 ms. It is the best choice for characterizing MOSFETs utilizing high-k gate dielectrics and MOSFETs fabricated on SOI wafers. This pulsed IV solution allows you to apply a 10 ns pulse with 2 ns rise and fall times (the fastest in the industry) that also has minimal overshoot and undershoot.

This solution consists of the cable, accessories and software. If you already own one of the supported Keysight pulse generators or oscilloscopes, then you can use them to reduce the total cost of this solution. This solution is incorporated with Keysight parameter analyzer or parametric solutions (B1500A, E5260A/E5270B series, 4155C 4156C, 4155B and 4156B)

For more information about the B1542A and supported pulse generators and oscilloscope:

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