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Configuração Típica  

Configuração Típica

N6466A MOST Compliance Application for Infiniium scopes

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Principais recursos e especificações

Standards Supported:

  • The N6466A MOST compliance application supports MOST50 and MOST150 (cPhy and oPhy) technology standards.
  • The application automates 100% compliance test coverage for all tests.
  • Testing can be done at the oscilloscope or remotely using programmatic commands. Programmability allows, for example, testing over an extended period of time in an environmental chamber.


  • Automated setups ensure result repeatability and enable test engineers to run the application without being an expert on MOST50 and MOST150 testing procedures.
  • Test setup wizard guides user through test selection, configuration, connection, execution and results reporting.
  • Oscilloscope setup is automatically configured for each test, and measurement connection setups are displayed.
  • Test results report documents test configuration, measurements made, pass/fail status, margin analysis and waveforms.


  • The N6466A MOST compliance application embeds jitter and SDA functionality needed for MOST testing, eliminating the need to purchase additional apps.
  • MOST50 compliance testing requires Infiniium oscilloscopes with 500 MHz or greater bandwidth.
  • MOST150 compliance testing requires Infiniium oscilloscopes with 1 GHz or greater bandwidth.
  • While the MOST150 cPhy compliance tests use a differential probe (1.5 GHz or higher), MOST150 oPhy tests additionally require an optical-to-electrical converter probe.


  • The application can be ordered as a fixed license for a specific oscilloscope. The application can also be ordered as a server-based floating license using N5435A option 068, allowing the application license to move between multiple oscilloscopes.
  • Use the N5467A user-defined application tool ( to add additional custom tests beyond the MOST technology standards.
  • Keysight’s 81160A pulse/function generator can be used as the source for MOST150 stress pattern testing.


The N6466A MOST compliance application for Infiniium oscilloscopes simplifies and accelerates MOST technology standards testing.