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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Complete measurement module — The package acquires DC and S-parameter measured data used to extract the model and manages open/short de-embedding. Measurements can be performed using the Keysight B1505A High Power/High Voltage Analyzers and the Keysight PNA vector analyzer.
  • Turn-key extraction flow — A step by step extraction flow is provided to be used to obtain an initial parameter set. This flow is based on Keysight experience in working side-by-side with industry partners to model these types of devices.
  • Fully flexible — The extraction flow is fully customizable. New extraction steps can be created and organized to adapt the extraction to specific technology. The model is also implemented in open Verilog-A code and its formulation can be further improved by users.
  • Easy to use — A dedicated user interface guides users through settings, measurements and the extraction procedure. A powerful data display enables users to compare measured versus simulated data in a convenient multi-plot window.


The W8533EP IC-CAP Angelov-GaN Extraction Package offers a complete modeling solution for Gallium Nitride (GaN) devices. Modeling these devices is challenging due to the impact of trapping and thermal effects on the device electrical characteristics. GaAs models are generally not accurate enough for this type of device and the Angelov-GaN model, developed by Prof. I. Angelov at Chalmers University of Technology, is quickly establishing itself as the industry’s standard solution.

The package was developed in conjunction with industry partners and validated on real GaN processes. It provides a dedicated software environment that enables users to perform the necessary measurements and extraction of the Angelov-GaN model. Typical DC and network analyzers are supported for making DC and S-parameter measurements and de-embedding. A convenient user interface enables users to execute a step-by-step extraction flow to extract the model parameters. A turn-key flow provided in the package allows complete customization. Simulations are performed using Keysight’s Advanced Design System (ADS) using the publicly available Verilog-A version of the Angelov-GaN model.

W8533EP/ET Measurement Module

Figure 1. Measurement module enables easy setup and run of DC and RF measurements

W8533EP/ET Extraction Flow

Figure 2. The extraction flow of the Angelov-GaN package

W8533EP/ET Results in Data Display

Figure 3. Data Display compares measured versus simulated data

Product Requirements

Keysight W8501EP/ET IC-CAP Environment, W8502EP/ET IC-CAP Simulation and Analysis and W8520EP/ET IC-CAP Instrument Connectivity are required to run the Angelov-GaN extraction package.