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T4110S LTE Protocol Test System

Status do Produto: Descontinuado | Com Suporte
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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Protocol conformance testing of LTE UEs
  • More than 80% coverage of GCF/PTCRB Protocol LTE test cases with just one dual cell T2010A unit
  • Complete coverage of 3GPP 36.523-1 LTE protocol conformance test cases with just two T2010A units
  • Same hardware configuration as T4020S LTE RRM tester, allowing software only upgrade between both products
  • LTE FDD, TDD and multi-RAT support in the same hardware platform
  • Full test system automation and UE automation capabilities allowing unattended operation of the test system
  • Easy to use test project management environment for streamlined testing execution and results analysis
  • Powerful test case results and logs analysis tools


The T4110S LTE Protocol Tester is the Keysight platform for LTE Protocol conformance testing of LTE UEs. T4110S belongs to the Keysight LTE product family and, as the other LTE T4000S test platforms, is based on the T2010A LTE Wireless Communications Test Set.

The T4110S LTE Protocol Tester is the right tool for test laboratories and LTE device manufacturers desiring to exercise LTE 3GPP signaling conformance test cases.

T4110S provides a specific set of tools designed for supporting users in their conformance testing projects. These conformance tools allow users to enter information about the User Equipment (UE) and its main features supported, definition of test plans to be executed, automatic execution of these test plans without user intervention, and the analysis and reporting of the results obtained.

The T4110S is an official recognized test platform in both GCF and PTRCB certification programs, and it is validated in all major LTE frequency bands against the 3GPP TS 36.523-1 specification.

Since it is based in the same hardware platform as the other LTE conformance test systems supplied by Keysight, the T4110S is the perfect tool for being combined with the T4010S LTE RF tester and T4020S LTE RRM Tester, in order to provide an unique test system supporting the widest range of LTE conformance test cases with the most compact possible architecture.

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