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Frequency Converter Application (Option 083)

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Principais recursos e especificações

Key converter measurements

  • Match-corrected measurements of conversion loss/gain plus phase and group delay, with swept or fixed input and output frequencies and input and LO power
  • SMC+Phase offers measurements of deviation-from-linear-phase and absolute group delay without a reference mixer
  • VMC adds a reference mixer and measurements of phase differences and absolute group delay
  • Measure converters with fully embedded local oscillators with Option 084

Advanced calibration

  • Power-meter-based calibration provides high accuracy for conversion gain or loss
  • SMC+Phase comb-generator-based calibration eliminates the need for calibration mixers

Easy to set up and use

  • Intuitive tab-based user interface makes it easy to configure measurements
  • Calibration Wizard guides user through calibration process
  • Application controls external signal generators and power meters


The frequency converter application (FCA, Option 083), provides vector measurements of mixers and frequency converters, with intuitive, easy-to-use tabbed dialogs and guided calibrations. The user interface supports devices with one or two conversion stages. FCA includes two methods for measuring conversion gain/loss, phase, and absolute group delay, as well as input and output match. The scalar mixer/converter plus phase (SMC+Phase) measurement class is the easiest to use, as the need for reference and calibration mixers is eliminated. Calibration is achieved with a combination of a power meter, comb generator (U9391C/F/G), and an ECal module or mechanical calibration kit. The power meter assures the highest accuracy for conversion gain/loss measurements.

The vector mixer/converter (VMC) measurement class is useful for measuring the phase difference between multiple paths or devices, or for measuring phase shifts within a device. It also can measure absolute group delay. VMC requires a reference mixer and a reciprocal calibration mixer. These mixers are specific to each test configuration and must be acquired separately.

Both measurement classes can be used in conjunction with Option 084 for measurements of converters with fully embedded local oscillators (LOs).

FCA controls the network analyzer’s built-in source(s) as well as external signal generators for use as CW or swept LO signals. Supported external sources include the ESG, EXG, MXG, and PSG series signal generators. Power meters including USB sensors are also controlled during calibration.