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Principais recursos e especificações

EMPro 2012.09 adds the following key new and improved capabilities:

  • Common Database Integration with ADS – save EMPro projects as ADS libraries for use in schematic and layout
  • New FEM Low Frequency Algorithm – provides accurate DC and low frequency results
  • Faster FEM Simulations – 1.5x speed-up compared to EMPro 2011
  • New “Add-ons” - EMPro can now be extended with new “Add-on” functions based on Python scripts


EMPro 3D EM Simulation Software What’s New in EMPro 2012.09?

EMPro 2012.09 delivers additional integration with Keysight's Advanced Design System (ADS) and new technology to speed the design and analysis of 3D models.

Common Database Integration with ADS

3D objects in EMPro can now be saved as ADS libraries, containing cells for use directly in ADS. For example, an SMA connector cell created in EMPro will have an emModel view that can be placed directly in an ADS schematic and used for circuit/EM co-sim, and a layout view that can be placed on an ADS layout design (e.g., PCB layout) for full 3D simulations in ADS.

EMpro Common Database Integration with ADS

Figure 1. EMPro's Common Database Integration with Advanced Design System

New FEM Low Frequency Algorithm

Traditionally, some FEM solvers have difficulty producing accurate results at DC, which is required in subsequent circuit simulations. A new technology is introduced which guarantees stable accurate results at DC and low frequencies. This will ensure accurate circuit simulations that include EM models of passives, packaging, connectors, etc.

EMPro Low Frequency Algorithm

Figure 2. New FEM Low Frequency Algorithm

Faster FEM Simulations

Several new technology advancements are included to increase robustness, capacity and speed of the FEM mesher and solvers. Average speed-up relative to EMPro 2011 is 1.5x based on internal regression test suites.

New “Add-ons”

EMPro can now be extended with new “Add-on” functions based on Python scripts. Create your own Add-ons to perform specific geometry manipulations, perform calculations, and more. Use the Add-on Manager to enable or disable add-ons, or to inspect their status. EMPro 2012.09 includes two example add-ons: EMI Calculations and Simple Parameter Sweeps. They can be found in the Tools > Add-ons menu. They are provided as demonstrations of the Add-on capability. Additional Add-on examples can be downloaded at:

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