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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Turn-key extraction flow – a complete step-by-step global model extraction flow is provided to fit DC, CV, and scattering parameter measurement
  • Fully customizable – the extraction flow is fully customizable to incorporate user-specific parameter extraction strategies
  • Easy to use – user-friendly graphical interface teemed with productivity enhancement features continues the tradition of Keysight’s industry-leading SPICE model extraction packages


BSIM6 is semiconductor industry’s newest standard model for bulk MOSFETs. Unlike its predecessors (BSIM3 & BSIM4), BSIM6 has been formulated by using a more physical surface-potential/charge-based approach, sharing commonalities with other two industry standard bulk models, PSP and HiSIM2. The main benefit of BSIM6, in comparison to BSIM4, is its ability to maintain symmetry of output characteristics around zero drain-to-source bias. This turns out to be a key requirement for certain applications (such as passive switches) where the drain-to-source bias crosses zero during circuit operation.

The W8615EP BSIM6 Model Generation software provides a complete, turn-key model extraction solution. It has been developed based on a physical, global model extraction strategy. The W8615EP product consists of two modules, the baseband (DC & CV) model extraction module and the RF model extraction module. The baseband extraction module works on Model Builder Program (MBP) to take advantage of a CMOS-dedicated extraction infrastructure that is optimized to efficiently handle a large array of devices, to concurrently monitor a large set of scalability trends, and to accommodate frequent iterative extraction loops. The RF model extraction module works on IC-CAP Device Modeling Software, the industry’s trusted and only platform for RF modeling for more than two decades. Both modules are fully customizable so that user-specific model extraction strategies, such as de-embedding methodologies, extraction steps and sequence, etc., can be easily incorporated in the provided model extraction flow.

Product Requirements

The W8501EP/ET IC-CAP Environment, W8502EP/ET IC-CAP Simulation and Analysis, and W8601EP/ET MBP Core Environment, or the W8625BP/BT MBP/IC-CAP are required to run the BSIM6 Model Generation software.