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SMX4032 Signametrics PXI 35-Channel Multiplexer, High Performance

Status do Produto: Obsoleto | Veja opções de Serviço
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Principais recursos e especificações

  • Enables your 6½ or 7½ digit DMM to deliver full accuracy
  • Software configurable for 2-wire, 4-wire, 6-wire measurements
  • Very low signal noise and low voltage errors
  • Triggered scanning operations
  • Fully programmable with Visual Basic®, C++®, LabView


Product Status: Discontinued as of December 31, 2011.

Recommended replacement product: No direct replacement, consider the Keysight PXI low frequency multiplexer products with low noise armature relays such as the M9103A.

The SMX4032 PXI switch is specifically designed for making measurements with a precision multimeter. These PXI switches maintain the signal accuracy necessary to make 6½ or 7½ digit measurements.

The SMX4032 uses an isolated structure, high accuracy components and optical isolation, minimizing noise and keeping thermal EMFs less than 1 µV. These low thermal EMF errors make it possible to make accurate measurements of voltages in the mV range and resistances in the mΩ range.

Three optional accessories may be used with the SMX4032. The standard screw terminal block is the SMX40, the screw terminal block with isothermal structure and block temperature sensor for use with thermocouples is the SMX40T, and the loopback test module is the SM40L.

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