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The W8530EP IC-CAP Field-Effect Transistor (FET) Models offers the following MESFET models for high power FET and HEMT devices:

Curtice, Statz MESFET

These models include extraction routines for three popular industry standard MESFET models:

  • Curtice quadratic
  • Curtice cubic
  • Statz (Raytheon)

The differences between the three models are in the empirical relationships that describe the DC and AC characteristics of the device. IC-CAP extracts the model parameters from a combination of DC and S-parameter measurements.

Keysight EEsof EDA EEFET3 / EEHEMT1

These are empirical, nonlinear models for general GaAs FET applications:

  • large-signal
  • 3-terminal IC
  • packaged devices

They accurately model DC and bias-dependent S-parameters, time delay, subthreshold current, and dispersion of Rds.

Also included is the drain current model based on Keysight EEsof EDA models of original equations and advanced models for Cgs and Cgd, including transcapacitance effects. Static self-heating effects in drain current are also taken into account. The module provides highly automated parameter extraction techniques with package parasitics extracted automatically. HEMTs are similar to MESFETs but with one distinguishing difference in the behavior of gm vs. Vgs. EEHEMT1 is a superset of EEFET3 and has a set of analytic functions for modeling the gm compression of a HEMT.