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U1931A GS-8800 LTE Conformance Test FDD Software License

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Principais recursos e especificações

  • U1931A permanent software licenses are be integrated into the GS-8800 LTE standard system to upgrade to support conformance test based on the band classes
  • U1931A are easily upgrade to support validated test cases as per U1911A but band class specific. Each license will represent one band and new license will be added once the new band is validated
  • U1931A will help to increase confidence of passing rate when design undergoing a complete conformance testing
  • Provide automated, fast and stable and measurement thus reduce the time it takes to verify UE or LTE wireless chipset designs, allowing more testing in a development cycle and to speed up product time to market


The GS-8800 series (PXT) Wireless Communication Design Verification (DV) and Conformance Test (CT) System is part of Keysight’s GS-8800 family of design verification and conformance tool for FDD-LTE UE developers, chipset manufacturer, test house and mobile network operator.

U1931A options enable conformance test cases covered by U1911A options (section 6 (Transmitter tests), section 7 (Receiver tests) and future test cases) based on band classes. They come with multiple options to choose for purchase depending on the band requirements needs. New options will be introduced whenever there are new band classes validated.

Because of the software licenses are permanent, you continuously get software improve with new test cases (if available), new features and specifications updated to match later version of 3GPP TS 36.521-1 as long as your Software and Technical Support Contract (U1930AS) are active. See U1905A & U1901A GS-8800 Series Software & Technical Support Contracts for more detail.

U1931A Options Descriptions

Stay current! Get latest software version with Software and Technical Support Contract (STSC). The STSCs entitle you with auto notification on new software updates, which include new test cases (for purchased licenses), feature enhancements, and access to product experts for technical support. This enables you to keep pace with fast-moving developments in LTE, maximize the potential of your powerful R&D tools, and protect your investment throughout the product lifetime.

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